KALEIDOSCOPE is expanding!

KALEIDOSCOPE is expanding!

Relationships. Friendships. Conversations.

It’s what it’s all about. Getting to know people both in and out of church. Sharing our lives and sharing our faith. As adults we can do that in house groups, at the school gate, in the work place. As teenagers it is all online (or so it seems to us adults!) but for children it is physical and tangible. They play and they chat, and they make friends. 

So while as adults we are encouraged to invite friends to the spirit café, alpha, beer and carols… and teenagers invite their peers to baptisms or Friday nights, what do we offer for the younger children?

KALEIDOSCOPE – Saturday. That’s what!

KALEIDOSCOPE – Sundays have been running for over a year now and each month all the primary age children experience games and silliness, gunging and God.

And starting on Saturday 28 September, once a month Kaleidoscope will run on a Saturday evening too. (6-7.30pm in church building Balerno).  A safe space for P5-7s to spend time together and build relationships. Designed deliberately to be an easy and regular event to invite non-church friends along to where they can meet Christians, be in a church and hear about God.

These events have been scheduled to match the Sunday events so that children can be invited to church the very next day or so that friends can do both events with a sleepover in between.

The first one follows on from Xplorers Lendrick Muir where traditionally around a third of attendees are not from St Mungo’s – what a fantastic opportunity to be able to invite them to something just six days after camp.

So please pray for these events, think about which family, friends or neighbours you could tell and please speak to Caitlin if you would like to be part of it. (no requirement to be gunged…)

Caitlin Boddy