The Turning

The Turning Edinburgh 2019

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.  Rom 1:16

I was amazed again by the levels of hunger for God as we went out on the streets of Edinburgh during this year’s Turning Mission.  During a period of only 8 hours we saw 138 people respond to the Good News.  One of the words that kept on coming up this year was linger.  We found people wanting to chat more, ask questions and share some of the issues they were facing in life.  We heard many amazing stories over the 8 days.

One morning a son and mother both responded to the Good News completely separately and then found out they had had both made the decision that morning.

A man who spoke to one of the teams was just about to go to court, and after responding to the Gospel when he was told that all his sins had been forgiven simply replied, “Wow!”

A lady who had fallen away from the Lord as a teenager and was just about to be sentenced at court received Jesus back into her heart.  When she phoned her granny to tell her what she had done, her granny told her she had been on her knees that very hour praying for her.

One of the teams met a group of students having a day out in Edinburgh.  It started with a lot of banter at first, but as they were asked if they would like to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour one of them said yes.  He prayed a simple prayer and then the team got prophetic words for them all.  As they walked away, they heard the group saying, “That was crazy!”

I want to thank all from St Mungo’s who took part in the Turning this year.  Please share your stories with others.  I would encourage you if you have never been to one of the Turning monthly outreaches (first Saturday of the month) then come along.  The next one is on Saturday 5 October at Life Church (W Richmond St, Edinburgh EH8 9EB) The doors open at 9am and evangelism and follow-up training start at 9:15am.  Why not come and see the power of the Gospel in action?

God bless.